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SDoc 100 Gel Total Cleaner

What’s good? There’s hundreds of bike cleaners on the market all offering something different and better, but for my money this is the best bike cleaner out there. Simply spray the gel on your bike, have a brew and a biscuit and then hose or sponge it off. Job done.

I prefer to ride my bikes as oppose to spending hours cleaning them so this is the perfect tool for me. For stubborn dirt and flies just leave the gel on for longer. One litre refills cost £13.45. If you’re a serial cleaner then 5 litre and 25 litre containers are available.

What’s not: At just under £15 for a 1 litre bottle it’s not exactly cheap and cleaning an entire bike uses a fair amount of the stuff, but it’s the best bike cleaner I’ve used.
Rating: 4/5

Chain Cleaner

What’s good? The single most common criticism thrown in S-Doc’s direction is that their gel cleaner is terribly expensive for the amount you get in the container.This product, however, represents not only excellent value for money (this gets used on all manner of filthy objects, beyond wheels, swingarms and chains in the Abbott household, and is still more than half full), but also works brilliantly.

If you want to make light of that most time consuming and rag-destroyingly irritating jobs – cleaning excess lube and muck from your chain, rear wheel or untertray – then you’ll be needing some of this.
It’s as simple as spraying it on, leaving for a short while, then wiping off. Gleaming chain, gleaming wheel.

What’s not? Nothing. It’s a reasonably priced product from a brand I trust. Highly recommended.
Rating: 5/5

Black and Shine

Click Here to see a review on the UKGSER forum. The pictures show just how good SDoc100's Black and Shine really is.


Corrosion Protectant

Magic potions that are meant to protect your bike rarely live up to the hype. But after being lucky enough to see this being tested in the Sdoc labs in Germany I gave it a go. It’s not being tested by road salt at this time of year but my Triumph Speed Triple and Honda CB500 racer are being doused on a regular basis and there’s not sign of any metal going dull yet. It dries to a wax-like feel and is totally invisible.

Paint and Protect Polish

Application: White liquid (think evaporated milk) spreads smoothly and sticks for a thick, even coat but dries quite slowly.
Polish off: The polish grips the surface well, but then comes off without smearing leaving a brilliant shine.
Bead test: Only very slight beading – most runs off.
Overall 5/5
“We’ve tried more than 1200 different recipes for our gel cleaner”

Customer Reviews

I bought this product, having seen it advertised in Ride magazine, with
a degree of scepticism. I just wanted to drop a quick note to say I am
very happy to be proved completely wrong. This stuff is simply amazing.
Both my bikes have never looked as good as they do after a relatively
quick clean this afternoon. It would have taken me hours and countless
cleaning products to get a similar finish in the past.

I look forward to buying more products from you in the future and I
shall certainly be recommending them to friends.
Thanks very much

Michael Dunbar - Honda Fireblade / Suzuki Bandit 600 Review

Now cleaning your motorbike is one of those chores that I’m sure many of us don’t enjoy, you’d rather be riding your bike than spending time cleaning it.

There are a wide variety of products on the market that claim to make washing your motorbike less of a chore and get the road crud and chain oil off your pride and joy easily.

So I have to say we were sceptical when yet another product in the form of SDoc 100’s Motorcycle Total Cleaner Power Gel with Material Protector was sent to us by those nice people at Motohaus for us to review. Particularly with a name like total cleaner power gel it has a lot to live up to.

For your money you get a 1000ml spray bottle with sponge. Application is simple, you just spray the power gel all over your motorcycle (do not pre wet your machine or apply to hot surfaces) and leave for 5 minutes for the cleaner to react. The spray comes out as bubbly foaming gel and the spray bottle gives an easy to apply spray pattern from the spray applicator. It is claimed to be totally non-corrosive though the instructions do say test on an inconspicuous area of your motorbike before use. In fact the formulation includes a material protector which actually protects sensitive materials such as dark plastic, paintwork, anodised parts and aluminium and regular use is supposed to reduce bleaching of paintwork and plastic that occurs over time.

So we left the power gel on the test bike having taken the few minutes to try and make sure we covered every square inch of the bike with the gel.

The spray jet is great for getting the cleaner in places you can’t normally get your hands with a sponge or brush. Our test bike was a BMW 1200 GS which can be difficult to clean with all the nooks and crannies and inaccessible bits. It can normally take an hour with a plethora of different size brushes and a sponge to get all the bike spot loss and the lower engine case fins on the test bike had with time blackened with engrained road grime.

For those of you who have chain drive the formulation includes an active grease solvent formula that removes flung off chain grease.Spray on the power gel

Power gel on the bikeAfter five minutes we just hosed the bike off with a strong water jet and as if like magic we had a gleaming, clean bike. No scrubbing with brushes or even using the supplied sponge and best of all the blackened engine case fins had returned to their original silver colour. The whole process took barely 10 minutes in total.

The instructions do say in the case of extreme soiling you can leave the product on your motorbike for up to 30 minutes and agitate with the supplied sponge.

It’s rare to find a cleaning product that is as good as this, but we were amazed at how simple, quick and effective the SDoc100 Motorcycle Gel Total Cleaner. You don’t even need to dry the bike off if you don’t want too as this product allows the bike to dry without spotting.

Now this product may not be the cheapest motorbike cleaner out there, but you get a quality product that does what it claims.

Clean machineClean machine!Now just think you can spend much more time riding your bike and less time cleaning it with SDoc100 Motorcycle Gel Total Cleaner which has to make it worth the money! It is even supposed to reduce re-soiling and help keep your bike cleaner for longer.


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