SDoc100 Corrosion Protectant

SDoc100 Corrosion Protectant

Rust and corrosion, caused by wetness, eat away at metal parts of the machine, thus reducing its value and appeal. Not many know there is a reliable and effective protection against it.

Part No. W01-3330

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Price: £13.99

Improved penetration,even works in difficult to reach places

  • With regular use, reliably protects all metal parts of the motorcycle against corrosion and stops existing corrosion in ist tracks
  • Forms a "self-healing", transparent protective film that closes immediately again after being touched - that makes it better than wax
  • Perfect for winter lay-up
  • Lubricates and displaces moisture

"Magic potions that are meant to protect your bike rarely live up to the hype. But after be lucky enough to see this being tested in the SDocs labs in Germany I gave it a go. its not being tested by road salt at this time of year but my Triumph Speed Triple and Honda CB500 racer are being doused on a regular basic and thers no sign of any metal going dull yet. It dries to a wax like feel and is totally invisable."

Mike Hull, Ride Magazine

 The Doc says: Corrosion is the transfer of electrons from one substance to the other. Salt increases water's ability to carry electrons, so it speed the process up. Salt is also hydrosopic – it attracts water – so increases moisture around components. A corrosion protectant will stop salt sticking to your bike and help halt the corrosion process.